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Innovative pilgrimage route walkability and wayfinding community database and data collection platform

Project title:
Innovative pilgrimage route walkability and wayfinding community database and data collection platform
Project short title:
Pilgrim database
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Project partners:
Zarándok Turizmusért Nonprofit Kft., Permeo, o.z.
Project objective:
The aim of the project is to create an Innovative Pilgrimage Route Walkability and Orientation community database and data collection platform that helps to maintain and clean the natural values and the environment by creating a community: adapting to the target group, this development will be extended to web and mobile applications. The development will expand and strengthen the network of partners and environmental awareness.

The non-profit organisation for pilgrim tourism and the Permeo Civic Association will try to organise events, programmes and opportunities aimed at encouraging youth, promoting healthy active lifestyles, creating leisure activities, maintaining and promoting pilgrimages and pilgrimages. The aim of the project is to strengthen cooperation between the two partner countries, to create new international links and to develop a development that will encourage other partners to cooperate and to involve pilgrims and tourists.

The development will create a community database and data collection platform for walkability and orientation. In the past, the government, together with professional bodies, has done a lot to develop low-impact recreational and health-enhancing leisure opportunities in cooperation with relevant professional organisations. These are increasingly used by the public for family, hobby, sport and tourism purposes. In the course of their use, visitors encounter problems related to the established routes, so that the hiking and pilgrim communities as a whole have up-to-date information on hiking and pilgrim routes. The aim of the development is for the partners to develop a free-to-use and embeddable web and mobile phone platform that will help to collect up- to-date information on pilgrimage route walkability and orientation, and in particular problems. The development will highlight the type and source of the problem, offering a solution and empowering the community (the interface will allow uploading pictures and confirmation and feedback from others). This development can only be achieved through cross-border cooperation, as our common goal is to maintain and preserve the existing assets. It will improve the provision of services in the cross-border areas, strengthen mutual understanding and bilingualism, as the developed application will be available in Hungarian and Slovakian languages, thus strengthening cross-border cooperation.

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